Eileen Gillan is the newest member of the Shiny Happy Things team, officially joining in 2016. She took a workshop with Bob about ten years earlier that changed her life and opened her heart to the joy of creating mirror art. In Bob she found a kindred spirit, someone who loves shiny things just as much as she does, and together they look for ways to make the world a shinier, happier place.


In addition to working on mirror art projects, Eileen creates mosaics made from stained glass, mirrors, and a variety of found objects; paints mandalas on recycled record albums; and creates a variety of stained-glass art by painting glass with translucent paint. She often uses the colors of the rainbow in her art.


Eileen’s favorite project for Shiny Happy Things is the mosaic she created with Erin Cassle for a bus stop in Howard County. Here’s a link to a Washington Post article about the project.


She lives in Baltimore city with her husband, Richard, and their entitled dog, HRH Dutchess.