Richard Ames

I have recently started pursuing my first love of art as my second career.  Over the years, I have worked with sculpture, photography and art. I've been Bob's next door neighbor for 5 years, and about four years ago when I saw the mirror creations in Bob's yard we struck up an artistic friendship that works well for both of us. I was hooked on the artistic design of the mirrors and soon was a co-creator of the first mirror "Christmas Tree." This Tree was in Bob's front yard for two years and recently was augmented and moved to the American Visionary Art Museum where it is now a permanent exhibition just outside their main entrance on Key Highway. For pictures of it click HERE. I assist Bob in many of his creations and co-host many of the mirror workshops.

I'm currently working on a second Metal Mirror Tree, with a third Tree planned.

I have a personal art-related website/gallery you are welcome to visit. 
My personal web page is

You are invited to check out my FLICKR photo site