These are made from grapevine driftwood (or other decorative branches) usually mounted on a base of mirror, and decorated with many small double-sided mirrors

This is rather large - the base is 12-inches square, made of black mirror. The grapevine is decorated with many strands of peach-colored double-sided 1/4 inch mirrors.

This is a smaller version of the grapevine mirror sculpture above—the base is 6 inches square.
The "tree" is a cutting from the bush called Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, and is decorated with 1/8 inch double-sided mirrors in both white and peach.

This is a hanging grapevine mirror "sculpture," with many double-sided mirrors
hanging from the vine. It is about 12 inches across.

This is made from a piece of Harry Lauder's Walking Stick (a wonderful large bush with gnarled
branches), decorated with many strands of double-sided mirrors in three colors: silver, peach, and bronze.
mirror base is approximately eleven inches square and made from black mirror.

This is a close-up of the center of the "tree." All of the mirror strands, each consisting of many pieces of double 1/4 inch mirror pieces hanging on a filament, are tied onto the "tree" and fastened with glue. The "tree" itself has been painted with metallic gold. The mirrors shimmer gently with every bit of air movement.