After the demise of Tree I in front of the American Visionary Art Museum, Tree II took its place. It was a healthy tree professionally installed by a landscape company. To protect the Tree, a metal "girdle" was placed around the trunk. Rick Ames attached 8 ft. metal rods to each of the vertical bars and it was from these that most of the decorations were hung, thus not placing stress on the tree. The metal "girdle" can be seen in the first row of pictures, center. This was covered with mirrors, and a mirror "vine" decorated it—this can be seen in the next picture. The second and third rows show some of the decorations placed on the tree. Early in 2007 it was discovered that once again termites had taken their toll, and the Tree died. It was replaced by Tree Three—all mirrors and metal—we can be certain there will not be a termite problem! For the story, and pictures, click HERE.